If you want to explicitly avoid a global scope for a given query, you may use the withoutGlobalScope() method. The method accepts the class name of the global scope as its only argument.


Since you’re not calling touch() directly, in your case it will require a bit more to make it work.

You specify relationships that should be touched in model $touches attribute. Relationships return query builder objects. See where I’m going?

protected $touches = ['recipes'];

public function recipes() {
   return $this->belongsToMany(Recipe::class)->withoutGlobalScopes();

If that messes with the rest of your application, just create a new relationship specifically for touching (heh 🙂

protected $touches = ['recipesToTouch'];

public function recipes() {
   return $this->belongsToMany(Recipe::class);

public function recipesToTouch() {
   return $this->recipes()->withoutGlobalScopes();

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